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Getting fit, having fun while at it.

New to skipping and not sure what rope(s) to choose?

Here’s a message from our Founder:

”Every kind of rope has its own benefits and fits a different style of skipping. When you’re just starting out, you’re still in the pursuit of finding your style. Therefore, in order to find your way, I recommend you to go for at least one of each type (MAX,DIGNITY,GRAVITY,ELEVATION).

Having one of each in your start-up arsenal gives you the space to experiment with different types of ropes and brings you the freedom to invent your own way and a the type of rope that matches that newborn style perfectly. ”

Ready to Elevate?


Our All Time Bestseller. Everything You Need. For That All-in-one Jump Rope Experience.

Athlete Bundle

Athlete Bundle

Our complete Athlete bundle combines our speed short- and long handle ropes, beaded rope and heavy rope sets into one. For that all-in-one workout experience. 

Includes Jump Rope Workout App Access


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Our second-best option. For those excited to test the waters of getting fit, having fun while at it. 

Beginner Bundle

Ascent Bundle

Our light Ascend bundle combines our speed & beaded rope types into one. For those who are looking to explore a new type of cardio and practice some tricks while at it. 

Includes Jump Rope Workout App Access


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